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About Us

Divine Aroma Enterprise was founded in 2019 with the noble mission to provide employment opportunities for the intellectually challenged people.  It dawned upon Shri Mrinal Kanti Mitra, the CEO and the man behind this mission, that under the existing scenario, employment opportunities for the intellectually challenged people are minimal.  His son, Shri Snehashish Mitra an adult with Downs Syndrome was an inspiration for this whole idea.

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Humble Origin

The amended Disability Bill was passed in 2016 and for the first time in India, intellectually challenged people were included in it.  However, even after a lapse of two years, employment opportunities for them is negligible.  Identifying employment avenues for the intellectually challenged people was by itself a daunting task.  Hence, Divine Aroma Enterprises took upon itself to provide employment to these people in areas like packaging, hospitality business, data entry etc.


Divine Aroma Enterprises came into existence to provide exclusive products and services to customers enabled through the efforts of intellectually challenged people.  This noble purpose to provide employment opportunities to such people is the mission that guides the future course of the company.


At Divine Aroma Enterprises everyone is a team member and a team player.  All are equal in terms of opportunities and are expected to perform to the best of their abilities and expectations.  The company is committed to employ intellectually challenged people and provide them meaningful livelihood maintaining highest quality in terms of customer services and products.

Divine Aromas Incense Sticks

“Divine Aromas” is a brand under Divine Aroma Enterprises of traditional Indian Incense and Dhoop sticks.  They are genuine hand rolled Indian Incense, which blend with every culture and tradition.  These sticks are made of an oriental blend of herbs and aromatic ingredients from nature.


To learn more about the amazing work we do, connect with us via email or phone.

97411 28488

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